Enjoy the Magnificent Fairs and Festivals with Shimla Hill Station Tour

Shimla is also popular as the land of fairs and festivals as it hosts a number of colorful festivals. A visit to Shimla during festival has its own glory and fascination. Shimla hill station tour offer tourists the option of enjoying the atmosphere of fun, frolic and spirituality during the festivals in the city. You can also enjoy some good food and vibrant ambience. Read customer reviews about Shimla tourist attractions. Shimla not only celebrates its own local fairs and festivals, but also enthusiastically celebrates all the festivals that are celebrated all over India.

Ice Skating Carnival ShimlaIce Skating Carnival
Ice-skating is a big attraction for the sports-lovers during winter. Shimla has the biggest open-air, natural ice rink in India. The ice-skating Club of Shimla organizes the ice skating carnival every year in January. During the ice-skating carnival, fancy dress competition, ice hockey and dance performances make the Shimla hill station tour very lively and colorful.
Rhyali Festival ShimlaRhyali Festival
Rhyali celebrated during the rainy time the first day of July in Shimla. The festival is celebrated to keep the rain Gods happy so that the agricultural produce does not get affected. This festival is based on tradition that begins with the spreading of seeds of five to seven various crops. Additionally, the priest of the family celebrates a mock marriage that signifies the holy wedding of Lord Shiva and Parvati.
Shimla Summer Festival
The summer festival is a major festival of Shimla. The festival presents many attractions during shimla hill station tour to its visitors in the form of cultural performances, exotic Himachali cuisines, local handicrafts exhibitions, star concerts, Fashion Shows, Dog show, Flower Shows, different competitions etc. Splendid cultural performances during the festival include performances of local youth along with folk singers and dancers of Himachal Pradesh.
Baisakhi is the other important festival in Shimla that is celebrated in the month of April. It is celebrated just before the onset of the harvest season.
Bhoj Fair ShimlaBhoj Fair
Bhoj fair is one of the most popular fairs in and around Shimla. Bhoj Fair is held in village Guman in Rohru tehsil in the month of November for three days in honour of Devta Bansor, Parshu Ram and Kilbaru. Traditional ‘Natti’ dances are performed during the festival.
The celebration of Christmas in Shimla is quite exciting. A pipe organ in Christ Church traditionally rings in Shimla’s Christmas celebrations. On Christmas, the church choir will sing carols in English, Hindi and Punjabi, accompanied by the pipe organ.
Shimla Folk DanceLavi Fair
The Lavi fair has been recognized as an International fair, celebrated in the Rampur region of Shimla district. It is held to mark the mutually beneficial trade treaty between Bushahr State and Tibet. This festival held in 11th November to 14th November for the period of three days. Large number of traders came to the fair to sell quilts, utensils and other consumer goods. At night, folk dances and music around small bonfires are organized.
Lohri festival is celebrated to mark the beginning of the sowing season. The first Rabi crop of the season is sown during Lohri. Shimla lights up with both the warmth of the fellow celebrators, as well as the warmth from the various bonfires.
Lavi Fair ShimlaSipi Fair
Sipi Fair starts in May. It is one of the main festivals in Shimla celebrated since a long time. Many cultural programs are organized which include archery competition, magic shows, jugglers, acrobats, etc.
Sair Festival
This festival is peculiar of its kind as the people celebrate this festival with a bull fight event. On the occasion of Sair festival, the shimla hill station tour offers a number of cultural programs. The people of Himachal Pradesh celebrate the day with song and dance performances. This is generally held in the month of September.


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