Adventures and Attractions of Shimla Hill Station in Winter

shimla snow falll cheersShimla, the summer capital of the British Government in India is still positioned on the top list of the people´s attractions. Shimla hill station bloom at its best during the months of December, January and February. The whole area is covered with the white blanket of snow. Main attraction here is the ice skating carnival that is held every year during winters in the month of January. The carnival is fun and lively and the various colors against the white scenery of the snow make Shimla look like a wonderland.

shimla christ churchShimla hill station tour can be your perfect choice to enjoy the forthcoming Christmas and New Year. This is the time when the hill station receives snowfall, which adds to the fervor and enthusiasm of the visitors. During Christmas, you can see a heavy flood of tourist in this hill station. The famous church is decorated beautifully. To enjoy such a snowy holiday in Shimla, you need to come over here in the month of December and January. Coming in these months you can make your excitement double by celebrating Christmas and New Year.

Winter is known as the season of long moon nights. The climatic condition becomes very romantic in these days and it makes Shimla a paradise. In this season temperature goes down up to -4°C to -7°C which leads to heavy snowfall. shimla ice skiing In this time adventurous activities like skiing and ice-skating gets energize and invites the sports lovers to enjoy their vacation on the snow capped peaks in fullest. Simla has the only natural ice-skating rink in India. Ice skating was started here by the British in 1920 when Shimla was the summer capital of undivided India. In winter, Shimla hill station tour is in milky white and offers an exciting opportunity to catch snowflakes as they fall silently on earth.

shimla ice skatingThe hill station of Shimla is full of fun and play throughout the year. But, the excitement doubles up in the winter season as the place turns out to be a winter sport destination in India. Adventure freak from all across the world often visit the place and satisfy their quest of ice-skating. Beat this frosty winter with a splendid Shimla hill station tour.


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