Introduction to Shimla Hill Station Tour

Shimla Hill Station TourShimla is a beautiful hill station in India. Shimla derives its name from goddess ‘Shyamala Devi’. It is blessed with natural beauty, the hilly town surrounded by green pastures and snow capped peaks. In the Himalyan lower ranges, it is surrounded by pine, cedar, oak and rhododendron forests. Shimla is located towards the southern parts of the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Now it is the state capital. It is located at an altitude of 2159 m.

The British called Shimla “The Queen of Hills”. Shimla adventure spots give the participant the taste of a life worth living. Adventuring here which definitely make you enthusiastic. Shimla hill station tour will enchant you with its natural charm and enable you to get closer to nature. Long walks in the deep green forests will give you an amazing feeling. Shimla is an ideal place for fishing, golfing, skiing, trekking etc. The village Kulfri is a great place for winter sports such as skiing, tobogganing, horse-riding and hiking.Shimla Hill Station

Apart from its natural attractions, Shimla hill station is also famous for its architectural buildings and wooden crafts. The backbone of Shimla tourism is found at The Mall. It has retained a great deal of the Victorian architecture from the era of the Raj. Apart from this significant building of the British period, there are many colonial structures as well like Gorton Castle, Ravenswood, and the Viceregal Lodge. The burrows of ramshackle structures in the lower markets, woven together with flights of steps and narrow lanes, have a personality of their own.

The splendor of Shimla hill station tour has charmed all, making it a popular tourist destination. Shimla holds a variety of shopping, sport and entertainment. There are always amazing things to be explored in its surroundings. It is a great place for camping. These overall conditions draw tourist to this hill station.


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